Cultivating Trust: God Supports All Those Who Fall

The book of Psalms says, “God supports all those who fall.” It doesn’t say, “God supports those who don’t fall.” In order to fall, you need to let go.

Sefardi Crypto-Jews: Real Jews or Remnants of a Distant Past?

When Jews forced into hiding by the 15th-century Spanish Inquisition now want to affirm their Jewish identity, we should welcome and support them.

Process Theology and Seeing the Divine in the Other: A Reading of Brad Artson and Emmanuel Levinas

We find the divine in the face of the other. Everything is interrelated, including God.

Grounded in Gratitude, Tackling Systematic Racism with Open Hearts

By focusing on racial justice, we can make Jewish communities more inviting, and ultimately, more vital. At the same time, we’ll be taking on white supremacy, the primary American source of antisemitism.

Me & Jewish Supremacy

The idea of chosenness is a barrier to a world in which every human being is seen as made in the image of God, worthy of respect and honor.


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