An overview of Evolve’s pieces on Jewish ethics.

We launch this new page in partnership with the Center for Jewish Ethics.

Our goal is to address the urgent ethical issues of our time through the lens of Jewish values and sources.

We begin with the issue of assisted suicide. We offer essays by Rabbi David Teutch, “Quality of Life Towards the End of Life”; Rabbi Birgit Klein, “Losing Quality of Life at End of Life: Is Suicide or Assisted Suicide Permitted?”; Rabbi Meryl Crean, “Patient Assisted Suicide: A Chaplain’s View”; and Rabbi Avram Israel Reisner, “Faith at the End of Life.”

On the issues raised by the #MeToo movement, we offer the reflections of Rabbi Tamara Klein and Essie Shachar-Hill, “#MeToo: Gender Socialization and the Movement We Are Constructing.”

As always, we invite readers to respond to these thoughtful pieces and to explore other ethical issues from a Jewish perspective.