Aurora Levins Morales

Aurora Levins Morales is a Puerto Rican Ashkenazi writer and liberationist, and an active member of Kehilla Community Synagogue in Piedmont, Calif. Born in Puerto Rico and an immigrant at 13, she has dedicated herself to the work of social justice since her teens. The author of six books, her work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She was a regular contributor to Bridges: A Journal for Jewish Feminists and Our Friends, and writes for Unruly, the blog of the Jews of Color, Sephardi and Mizrahi Caucus. She also blogs at Her newest book, Medicine Stories: Essays for Radicals will be released in April by Duke University Press. Aurora is the co-creator and poet-in-residence of Rimonim Liturgy Project, a collaborative project to create new liturgy that is inclusive, rooted in global Jewish cultures, joyful and responsive to the crises of our times.


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Radical Inclusion

Declarations that everyone is welcome in a community are insufficient for Jews who do not identify as white. Jewishness is not the sole or primary identity for those who are oppressed and endangered because of the color of their skin.


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