Evolve Web Conversations are opportunities for you to interact with our authors in real time, asking questions and challenging their assumptions. For those who are interested but unable to participate at the scheduled times, videos and transcripts are soon posted.


On Tuesday, January 18, Rabbi Alex Weissman will discuss his essay, “Queer Delicacy: An Ancient Approach to Halakhah,” with Rabbi Jacob Staub. Weissman and Staub will explore the essay’s proposal that there is a useful model set of rabbinic texts that suggests an approach to halakhah that affirms the difference of queer people. Register here.

On Monday, February 14, Rabbi Jacob Staub will engage in a conversation with Mark Pinsky, based on his Evolve essay, “Transforming Our Unjust World and Personal Teshuvah: Considering Reparations for Slavery.” Pinsky is a member of the Board of Trustees of Reconstructing Judaism and is collaborating with its Tikkun Olam Commission to initiate a process to explore the best way to bring a recommendation about reparations before the Board of Trustees for consideration. Register here.