Brit Milah

Evolve continues to publish essays discussing the practice of brit milah (ritual circumcision. They are gathered here.

New Startup Challenges Circumcision Status Quo

Bruchim is a startup nonprofit that advocates for Jewish families opting out of circumcision and others who object to the practice. Bruchim holds that forgoing circumcision is fully compatible with traditional Jewish values and full Jewish engagement. The organization...

Facing You Facing Me

Moses misunderstood in the cleft of the rock. He was trapped in the essentialist fallacy. Up on the mountain, on top of the world, after forty days suspended over the clear, crisp desert vistas, of leaning into Your muscular arms, penetrated by Your words, imbibing...

A Tribute to Rabbi Jacob Staub

A Tribute to Rabbi Jacob Staub

We are pleased to offer the following essays as a tribute to Evolve's editor, Rabbi Jacob Staub, upon his retirement from RRC: Jacob Staub: Student and Teacher of Middot by Rabbi David Jaffe Jacob Staub's Impact on Reconstructionist Rabbinical Education by Elsie Stern...

January Adult Ed Beit Midrash

January Adult Ed Beit Midrash

Rabbi Joshua Lesser writes frankly about leadership, representation and making assumptions about Jews of color in spaces dominated by white Jews.

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