Sulaiman Khatib

Souli was born in Hizmeh/Jerusalem and lives in Ramallah. He is an elected member of the Peace NGOs Forum and co-founder/former co-director of Combatants for Peace, a nonprofit Israeli/Palestinian peace-building organization in Ramallah and Tel Aviv. Its founders are former Israeli soldiers and former Palestinian prisoners who decided to join hands through joint, nonviolent means to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At the age of 14, Sulaiman was sentenced to 15 years in prison and served a term of 10.5 years. During those years, he spent his time studying history and other world conflicts and peace activists, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. He acquired his entire education and worldview in jail. This is when he began to have new thoughts about the conflict and the means for resolving it. As a result, he is today a committed advocate for peace in the Middle East and an active member of various programs aiming to promote a peaceful solution to the conflict within local communities, as well as on a regional and international level. Among them: He founded and co-directed the People’s Peace Fund, 2008-2011. Before that, he was the General Director of Al-Qud’s Association for Democracy and Dialogue, which he founded with fellow Palestinian peace activists in 2005 in order to work with youth to be able to create effective and sustainable projects and programs focusing on the promotion of peace, democracy, dialogue and civic participation in the Palestinian Territories.


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To Live This Utopia, for Moments

Sulaiman Khatib (“Souli”) co-founded and co-directed Combatants for Peace, a group of former Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters who come together to work nonviolently for peace.

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