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Shavuot 2024: A Wide Spectrum of Ways to Access Revelation

Engage in groundbreaking Jewish Conversations. Review multiple perspectives from Maria Pulzetti, Rabbi Nicole Fix, Rabbi Bronwyn Mullen, Rabbi Toba Spitzer, Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz, Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Motzkin Rubenstein, Rabbi Jill Hammer, Rabbi Vivie Mayer and Rabbi Ben Weiner.

By telling and re-telling difficult, even ethically repugnant, stories in the Torah, we may move from silence to healing and from narrowness to expanse.
Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan’s arguments against chosenness still ring true.
At Sinai, all of Israel directs their hearts to one place -- one Makom.
A genuinely egalitarian religious tradition can only exist when we consciously work to include voices that have been excluded, from the ancient world forward.
The enterprise of Talmud Torah tunes our ear to listen for the Divine voice. It is a lifelong project that connects us to the shared consciousness of the Jewish people as we/they have sought God throughout time.
The Bible's description of the shuddering of the people at Mount Sinai reflects a deep truth about how moments of revelatory insight can be frightening.

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