Evolve is an online platform with conversation-sparking essays from thought-provoking rabbis, leaders and creators. Explore essays on key topics, as well as curricula, sermon sparks and videos that apply the best thinking to contemporary questions. If you have study or program materials to share about our topics, or if you would like to post viewpoints on the site, please share them here.

Evolve: Groundbreaking Jewish Conversations is an initiative of Reconstructing Judaism. We seek to promote the ongoing evolution of the Jewish community by launching collective, communal conversations about the urgent issues of our day. To that end, Evolve brings multiple voices together to listen to one another’s point of view and to interact respectfully. In an era when it has become ever more difficult to remain open to viewpoints that differ from our own, Evolve cultivates covenantal conversations even when we disagree. In this way, we hope to enhance the ongoing evolution of Jewish civilization.

Evolve does not endorse every viewpoint posted on this site. Our goal is to cultivate groundbreaking, constructive, respectful conversations about urgent issues of concern. As such, we choose to post submissions of a representative range of viewpoints that supports constructive debate while abiding by the values of tzelem Elohim (regarding and treating all people as created in the divine image), kavod (respect), redifat shalom (pursuing peace) and makhloket leshem shamayim (disagreements for the sake of heaven).

Submissions are curated by the Evolve staff in consultation with an advisory board. We reserve the right to decline posts that are contrary to our stated values of respectful communal discourse.

Listen to Rabbi Jacob Staub on #TrendingJewish episode 21 talking about Evolve!


Rabbi Jacob Staub, Director (To read Rabbi Staub’s pieces on Evolve, click here.)

Louisa Rachel Solomon, Project Manager

Evolve Advisory Board

  • Susan M. Berman
  • Claire Mcmahon Fishman
  • Tal Frieden
  • Rabbi Seth Goldstein
  • Tresa Grauer, Ph.D
  • Rabbi James Greene
  • Rabbi Nathan Kamesar
  • Rabbi Ariana Katz
  • Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Ph.D.
  • Rabbi Bob Gluck
  • Rabbi Sandra Lawson
  • Rabbi Mordechai Liebling
  • Amanda Mbuvi Beckenstein, Ph.D.
  • Ira Nash
  • Lex Rofeberg
  • Seth Rosen
  • Rabbi Isaac Saposnik
  • Bryan Schwartzman
  • Elsie Stern, Ph.D.
  • Rabbi David Teutsch, Ph.D.
  • Sam Wachs
  • Rabbi Mira Wasserman
  • Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D.
  • Rabbi Elyse Wechterman
  • Rabbi Micah Guerin Weiss
  • Cyd Weissman
  • Rabbi Alex Weissman
  • Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman