Rabbi Jacob Staub

Rabbi Jacob Staub is the director of Evolve: Groundbreaking Jewish Conversations. He is Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Spirituality at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, where he directs the Program in Jewish Spiritual Direction. He served as editor of The Reconstructionist 1983-89. He co-authored with Rebecca Alpert Exploring Judaism: A Reconstructionist Approach.


Preparing for Psalm 27

One thing I ask.[1] And another thing: let my thyroid, please, function with sufficient vigor, lest days drift by without focus.  And if I catch

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All Souls

Come, my beloved, let’s greet the source of blessing.[1] I recognized you during the fifth stanza. Your neck flushed red, and the hairs on mine

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First Rung

Come together that I may tell you what is to befall you in days to come.[1] You should have known.  The ladder can be ascended

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Justice Work is a Mitzvah

How do we work to make things better? This interpretation of the morning Shaharit offers a way in: to act in spiritual alignment with creation for a more equitable and just world.

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