First Rung

Come together that I may tell you what is to befall you in days to come.[1]

You should have known.  The ladder can be

ascended by the wounded.  You who had seen

the intersection of heaven and earth

could not discern: your heirs were not

prisoners of your thoughtless parenting.

A pity.  You thought you knew your sons,

Jacob, but on your deathbed, when you tried

to see their destiny, you looked backwards.

We limp in your footsteps, Zeide.  We each

cross our own river.  Others

see the purity of our souls, and we

see theirs, and they see that we

see their purity, and we see

that they see ours, and then, mysteriously,

the One who supports those who fall

has us each recognize our reflection

in the eyes of another.

                                       We who massacre

our enemies while they sleep, we who sell

our brothers into slavery, we

who, once enslaved, reduce whole nations

into servitude, we, too,

can stumble unforeseen.

[1] Genesis 49:1.

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