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Spiritual Practice

When we stand before the Great Mystery in a state of calm, alert clarity, we shed all the layers of distraction, turbulence and conditioning and truly have freedom of choice.
There are few things as meaningful as deeply exploring what it really means to be a conscious being in this world.
At Sinai, all of Israel directs their hearts to one place -- one Makom.
The rabbis model how to transmit, transform, and ultimately, sweeten troubling texts.
It’s a gift to be invited to witness another’s spiritual seeking.
Judaism needs to be disrupted to respond to our radically changed world.
Equanimity is not resignation or apathy.
We must ask the hard questions because that is the wisest thing we can do.
The myrtle is a lovely plant. Evergreen. Fragrant. Humble. You would never know by looking at her that the myrtle harbors a great secret: Once a year, with the first stirrings of spring, the myrtle transmogrifies into a distant star.

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