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Spiritual Practice

Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan’s arguments against chosenness still ring true.
We each possess a perfect, pure and untainted core.
With tenderness and love, we should encourage our community to confront the idea of chosenness and release it as no longer serving us well.
The kind of hope I want to lift up is a nuanced hope that recognizes pain and grief and nonetheless invites us to imagine a better future.
Our hearts must remain open and tender, crying along with God for all lives lost; we must remember that we are all created in God’s image.
The Temple Mount can be a powerful image of spiritual centering for the Jewish People as a symbol of a vision of world redemption that is grounded in tradition and supportive of justice, peace and pluralism .
By reading Dayyan HaEmet, the Judge of Reality, as “the True Judge,” interpreters run from our awareness of the randomness of creation. They seek to provide the cold comfort of a caring God whose plan for us is beyond our understanding.
Just as we open the door to new adventures, we close another door behind us.
We don’t have to believe in supernaturalism to believe in a God who hears our prayers.
Listening with total openness means allowing oneself to be changed, to be called to respond.

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