Rabbi Bob Gluck

Pianist/composer and writer, Rabbi Bob Gluck is a Professor Emeritus at the University at Albany. He is the author of three books published by University of Chicago Press, most recently “Pat Metheny, Stories Beyond Words” (2024). His twelve recordings include “Early Morning Star” (FMR Records, 2020). Gluck is a former executive director of the RRA and pulpit rabbi. He staffed the Joint Reconstructionist Commission on Homosexuality 1990-92 and edited the Commission’s report and study guide. He also chaired the 1993 Kehillah Mekabelet (Welcoming Communities) Task Force of the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations and Havurot.


Jewish Peoplehood Reconsidered

The sense of peoplehood is the awareness that an individual has of being a
member of a group that is known, both by its own members and by outsiders,
as a people. (Mordecai Kaplan, The Future of the American Jew)

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