Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum

Rabbi Kirshbaum immigrated to Israel in 2013 after serving a Reconstructionist-affiliated congregation in Princeton, N.J., for five years upon graduation from RRC in 2008. She continues to remain active on JWI’s Clergy Task Force on Gender-Based Violence but spends most of her time working for Women Wage Peace, currently as a member of the Resource Development and U.N. Resolution 1325 Implementation teams, as well as editor of the monthly update for English speakers worldwide. Two of her grandchildren are expected to enter the Israel Defense Forces in four and three years, respectively, adding even more urgency to helping end a conflict that she believes cannot be solved militarily.


women in white marching in Jerusalem

The Help We Need Right Now

Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum responds to Toba Spitzer’s essay “Israel and Us” by asking, rather than focusing on disparate narratives: Are American Jews instead willing to value pragmatism over “ideological purity” when it comes to finding peace in Israel?

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