Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein

Malkah Binah Klein (RRC ’04) is a rabbi, artist and community leader working at the intersection of mind, body and spirit. She integrates many spiritual practices into her teaching, including Hebrew chant, Qigong, Mussar and meditation. She is the author of a chapter on “Jewish Rituals Across the Life Cycle” in A Guide to Jewish Practice (RRC Press). Malkah Binah is a devoted student of the art of thriving in challenging times, discovering ever-deeper wellsprings of courage, resilience and knowing. Her writing and creative work can be found on her website, thrivingspirit.org.


fern plant in wooded area

Jewish Particularism and Race

In this d’var delivered in 2009, Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein reflects on race, particularism and the work needed to be done by white Jews to address racism and colorblindness in Jewish communities, neighborhoods, schools and relationships.

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