Rabbi Rena Blumenthal

Rena Blumenthal is a freelance rabbi based in New Paltz, New York. She graduated from RRC in 2003 after a prior career as a psychologist. Rena worked at Vassar College for eleven years as the Assistant Director of Religious & Spiritual Life and Advisor to Jewish Students. She currently serves as part-time Advisor to Jewish students and an Adjunct Professor for Jewish Studies at Marist College. She also provides consultation to campuses looking to expand Jewish life and engages in a wide range of teaching and service-leading opportunities and life cycle officiation. Rena is the author of a novel, “The Book of Israela.”


black bowl of sea salt

The Covenant of Salt

The “covenant of salt,” Rena Blumenthal writes, is the agreement that Jews will not only bear witness to suffering and destruction, but preserve memories of pain to teach to future generations.

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