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A Reconstructionist symposium on the notion of 'chosenness.'
Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan’s arguments against chosenness still ring true.
We each possess a perfect, pure and untainted core.
I have come to value this holiday, precisely because of all the assimilationist pressures we face at this time of year.
Many Jews believe that Judaism commands them to expel the Palestinians and annex the land for themselves.
On Shabbat, we look beyond the veil of the “upside-down world” and see the deeper reality of the One.
With tenderness and love, we should encourage our community to confront the idea of chosenness and release it as no longer serving us well.
It is not enough for us to change a few prayers in our liturgy to live into Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan’s rejection of chosenness.
The literal use of the concept of chosenness leads to division and dissension within the realm of humanity.
Discomfort with chosenness is a liturgical option, but there is no consistent response of eliminating it.

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