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I find the meanings I’m going to discuss here sufficiently compelling that were I to have a child with a penis, I would circumcise him/them, in spite of the important arguments on the other side.
I wear the Star of David not as a response to antisemitism but as a proud demonstration of a rich and meaningful Jewish identity.
In order to heal from the traumatic aspects of Jewish history, we must first understand our trauma differently, in ways that will allow us to heal.
Far too many Jews were unprepared to cope with the financial challenges of the coronavirus pandemic . We should take notice and better arrange our finances to meet future challenges.
The latest Pew study suggests that the Jewish community in the United States will only flourish if we address the interests of unaffiliated young Jews: social justice and a willingness to criticize Israeli policies.
When Jews forced into hiding by the 15th-century Spanish Inquisition now want to affirm their Jewish identity, we should welcome and support them.

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