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The new coalition seeks to control almost every aspect of the state's treatment of women and their rights.
Theodor Herzl supported a Jewish state, but not at the expense of humanistic and democratic ideals that allow all people to share equally in the benefits of the state.
“Now it’s all right, right, Abba?” my daughter asked. “Because they got to Eretz Israel?”
Our movement’s position papers that criticize the State of Israel are imprudent and dangerous.
Ahavat yisrael — the love of the Jewish people — is actually a belief that Jewish people always have the ability to evolve.
If concerns about Zionism could be examined anywhere in the organized Jewish community, Reconstructionist Judaism — with its history of taking courageous stances on difficult issues — should be the place.
The reprehensible behavior of the current Israeli government and the previous one is not a reason to abandon the Jews of Israel. Quite the reverse: The current situation demands greater involvement.
Ultimately, the mitzvah of “loving all those who dwell in the land” invites us into some radical acts of compassion.

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