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Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan’s arguments against chosenness still ring true.
Many Jews believe that Judaism commands them to expel the Palestinians and annex the land for themselves.
Huwara has legitimized speaking out against Jewish racism and supremacy.
What did it mean to wrestle with God so that the two brothers could kiss and live in peace?
When permission is given to the destructive force to wreak havoc, it does not distinguish between the innocent and guilty. (Mekhilta Bo 12:22)
Offering lovingkindness to oneself and others in times of intense pain.
This list is written for Jews living outside the land of Israel who don’t have a one-word Israel identity. If you are feeling alone and struggling to feel fully aligned with any camp or position, and are looking for concrete responses to this moment, this list is for you.
Our hearts must remain open and tender, crying along with God for all lives lost; we must remember that we are all created in God’s image.
There aren’t really words for the grief of what’s unfolding. It’s okay to feel like it’s too much to hold—because it is too much to hold.
We simply sit with and name our grief, sadness and feelings of overwhelm. We lift up the power of this community to offer space for healing and affirmation.

The Reconstructionist Network

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