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Israel/Palestine 2023

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Our call for a ceasefire is not a betrayal of Jewish values but an authentic expression of them.
In providing venues for both consolation of suffering and the arousal of activism, rabbis lead our synagogues towards becoming communities of deep meaning.
Israel's Declaration of Independence envisions a state founded on the values of democracy, pluralism and equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of ethnicity or religion.
Israelism captures a concerted effort that admonishes American Jews to see Israel as a — or maybe the — pillar of Jewish identity, synonymous with their Jewishness.
The healing of the Jewish people is in our indigenous ways, our restoration of the land and our connection to it.
Will I be able to do enough inner work to accept all the violent, human-inflicted death around me now? Should that even be my goal?
I so wanted these bullet holes, only days old, to be remnants from a bygone era.
We, like Abraham, must be concerned with justice and with the innocent.
To be Jewish is to be part of a people—a people with a shared history, roots, a story and, yes, a land.
What did it mean to wrestle with God so that the two brothers could kiss and live in peace?

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