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Climate Justice & Environmentalism

Seeking to create an ecologically rooted Judaism that could be life-giving for centuries to come.
The sonic world all around us reminds us of the agency of the creatures that are its creators.
God singles out the human species from among myriads of life forms. The environmental implications are unfortunate.
The longer I work as a climate-change chaplain, the more I’ve come to believe that it’s not change we hate so much as stepping into the unknown without a map or a guide.
When I remember water, I allow myself to be transformed, to remember myself in utero, untouched by the violence of this world.
Everything we do and dream isn’t built upon or etched in stone, but rather relies on whether or not it is going to rain.
Consciousness of the fruitfulness of Earth was the major way of celebration in biblical times.
We need to reimagine globally how we live without using fossil fuel and make significant changes in a very short span of time.

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