How do Jewish communities continue to become spaces for gender liberation?

Joined by: Rabbi Tamara Cohen and Essie Shachar-Hill, #MeToo, Gender Socialization and the Movement We Are Constructing, Rabbi Mira Wasserman of The Center for Jewish Ethics

For continued reading:

Homosexuality & Judaism: The Reconstructionist Position (The 1992 Report of the Reconstructionist Commission on Homosexuality)

Becoming a Man by Lance Tukell

The Miseducation of the American Boy by Peggy Orenstein

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Developing Trans*Competence: A Guide for Meditation and Retreat Centers from

Can A Gay Man Sexually Harass A Woman? by Rabbi Jacob Staub

Is God Transgender? by Rabbi Mark Sameth

Who is He? He is She: The Secret Four Letter Name of God by Rabbi Mark Sameth

When Children Say They’re Trans by Jesse SingalResponse: Sacred Bodies by Alex Barasch

Liberal Orthodox Yeshiva Says It Will Not Ordain Gay Student by Shira Hanau

Gender Spectrum

Transformative Inclusion: A Resource Guide for Transgender Welcome in Jewish Congregations and Organizations from the Center for LGBTQ an Gender Studies in Religion 

Coming Out As Who You Are by Judy Lutz