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Which narratives, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors cultivate well-being, and which reinforce systems of persistent and terrible harm?
We find the divine in the face of the other. Everything is interrelated, including God.
Rabbi Shefa Gold describes the practice of devekut, the continual remembrance of God that leads us past the edge of what can be expressed through words.
We are heir to a rich assortment of metaphors for God that may resonate more powerfully than the High Holy Day images of king and judge.
God is a process at work in the universe, within and among us, that makes for the fulfillment of our human potential.
Where was God when I was run over by the train? God was there when the nurses treated me with kindness as I slowly recovered from the pain, when my broad community visited me in the hospital.
I experienced the God I could believe in -- One who inhered in the divinity of human striving here on earth.

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