Juneteenth Offers Us A Day For Celebration, Reflection, And Healing

Rabbi Sandra Lawson explains the significance of Juneteenth and why it is important for Jewish individuals and communities to join in its celebration.

A Tribute to Rabbi Jacob Staub

We are pleased to offer the following essays as a tribute to Evolve's editor, Rabbi Jacob Staub, upon his retirement from RRC: Jacob Staub: Student and Teacher of Middot by Rabbi David Jaffe Jacob Staub's Impact on Reconstructionist Rabbinical Education by Elsie Stern...

Cultivating Trust: God Supports All Those Who Fall

The book of Psalms says, “God supports all those who fall.” It doesn’t say, “God supports those who don’t fall.” In order to fall, you need to let go.

Sefardi Crypto-Jews: Real Jews or Remnants of a Distant Past?

When Jews forced into hiding by the 15th-century Spanish Inquisition now want to affirm their Jewish identity, we should welcome and support them.


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