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We have curated a series of essays that open discussions and analyses of Passover by Erica Riddick, Rabbi Margie Jacobs, Rabbi Mychal Copeland, Max Buckler, Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein,  Rabbi Michael Strassfeld, Rabbi Vivie Mayer, Rabbi Ellen Bernstein, z”l, Dr Shoshana Fershtman and Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein.

The Israel-Hamas War: Reflections in a Time of Crisis

Engage in groundbreaking Jewish Conversations. Review multiple perspectives from Mike Shore; Rabbis Maurice Harris, Katie Mizrahi, Monica Gomery, Mike Rothbaum, Armin Langer; Dr. Hasia Diner; Rabbis Haviva Ner-David, Yohanna Kinberg, Jason Bonder, Seth Goldstein, Nathan Kamesar, Arthur Waskow, Robert Tabak, Amy Eilberg, Micah Weiss, Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Laurie Zimmerman, David Teutsch; Dr. Ilan Peleg and Oren Jay Sofer. Explore what’s possible.

Groundbreaking Jewish Conversations

Evolve is an online platform with conversation-sparking essays from thought-provoking rabbis, leaders and creators. Explore essays on key topics, as well as curricula, sermon sparks and videos that apply the best thinking to contemporary questions.

The Nazis did not refer to themselves as “Nazis.”
We’re living through the disintegration of American Jewish civil religion as we have known it.
The sonic world all around us reminds us of the agency of the creatures that are its creators.
The presence of Israeli troops stationed outside the school seemed designed to provoke the students so that they could then arrest as many of them as possible.

It’s a supersized Passover edition of Evolve! First, Rabbi Nathan Kamesar drops by to discuss his recent essay, “The Legitimacy of the State of Israel: Surviving in a Hostile Region.” Bryan and Nathan reflect on their respective relationships with Israel and Israeli politics. Nathan opens up about what it’s like being a pulpit rabbi and spiritual leader during wartime and how he’s been approaching his job the last few months. Nathan and Bryan offer some of their personal opinions about the Israel-Hamas war and war in general. Nathan shares which of the many unknowns he would most like to know in order to make sense of things. Bryan asks Nathan about his response to the recent Atlantic Magazine cover story “The Golden Age of American Jews is Ending”. Nathan reflects on how he’s thinking about Passover this year, how he’s trying to center empathy and why it’s impossible to avoid politics at the seder table. Then, for a special bonus interview, Reconstructing Judaism’s own Rabbi Maurice Harris stops by for a conversation with Sam Wachs about all things Moses, including his starring role in the new Netflix Docudrama Testament: The Story of Moses.

Web Conversations

Evolve Web Conversations are opportunities for you to interact with our authors in real-time, by asking questions and challenging their assumptions. Videos and transcripts are posted in an archive for those who are unable to attend live.

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