‘Eco-Kashrut’: A ‘Kashrut’ for Our Times

Kashrut is a complex and mysterious term having the same Hebrew root as “kosher.” Simply translated, it means “proper” or “correct.” Kashrut is synonymous with how Jews determine their relationship to the food they eat. All of the so-called “kosher laws” are an...

COVID’s Financial Impact on the Jewish Community

Far too many Jews were unprepared to cope with the financial challenges of the coronavirus pandemic . We should take notice and better arrange our finances to meet future challenges.

The Mystical Exodus in Jungian Perspective: Transforming Trauma and the Wellsprings of Renewal

Who is Jewish? Perhaps the person who, while never sure of it, by and by discovers his Jewishness in the probability. Judaism is conjugated in the future. To read in yourself — not only for yourself — The book you are carefully deciphering. To read the erasures Under...

The Vaccination Sweepstakes

Jewish ethics demands that we invest in producing and distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to the developing world.


Living fully and beautifully, and in a deeply interconnected fashion, is the richest possible repudiation of those who hate us.


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