Resistance to calling the establishment of the State of Israel a nakba, a “catastrophe” for Palestinians, is reminiscent of the resistance of white Americans to acknowledging that American prosperity was built on oppression and white supremacy.

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The Golem could think and reason, but it couldn’t speak. ChatGPT can’t think and can’t reason, but it does a great job of speaking!
We must bring to life that world where the tzelem Elohim (image of the Divine) of every person is recognized and can shine out.
Our children inhabit a race-based society and receive messages about how to apply racial labels.
The protesters wish to keep Israel “Jewish and Democratic,” while ignoring the innate contradiction within this definition and within Zionism itself.

It all started with a nightmare. The Midwest had been obliterated by a nuclear attack. Sallie Gratch awoke and realized it wasn’t too late and got to work in the anti-nuclear movement. Gratch is the recipient of the 2023 Keter Shem Tov, or “Crown of the Good Name” award, given at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College’s graduation. In in this interview, Gratch traces her path as an activist, detailing her first encounters with Jews in the Soviet Union. She shares the story of the organization she founded, Project Kesher and its mission to empower Jewish women in the former Soviet Union and how it has been forced to pivot in response to war in Ukraine. More than that, Gratch explores how she got the confidence to believe she could be part of change, and the role that Jewish values have played in shaping her activism.

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