Facing Antisemitism

The Torah sometimes feels uncomfortably timeless. Telling the story of yetzi’at mitzrayim (the exodus from Egyptian slavery) at this year’s Seder led some of us to wonder if we, too, are living through the reign of a new king who warns about the Jews growing too...

Jewish Peoplehood, Israel and Reconstructionist Judaism

Our movement’s position papers that criticize the State of Israel are imprudent and dangerous.

Jewish Texts Reject the Male-Female Gender Binary

The Zohar, a collection of mystical teachings, tells us that “every person needs to be male and female at all time.”

Moving Ahead Without Leaving Anyone Behind: A Loving Strategy for Bold Leadership

Ahavat yisrael — the love of the Jewish people — is actually a belief that Jewish people always have the ability to evolve.

Reconstructionism Without Zionism

If concerns about Zionism could be examined anywhere in the organized Jewish community, Reconstructionist Judaism — with its history of taking courageous stances on difficult issues — should be the place.


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God Cafes

In our culture, talking about our experience of God/the Divine or our relationship with God/the Divine is uncommon and even countercultural. Doing so often satisfies a deep need.

Brit Milah

Evolve continues to publish essays discussing the practice of brit milah (ritual circumcision. They are gathered here.

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