The Israel-Hamas War: Reflections in a Time of Crisis

Engage in groundbreaking Jewish Conversations. Review multiple perspectives from Rabbis Haviva Ner-David, Yohanna Kinberg, Jason Bonder, Seth Goldstein, Nathan Kamesar, Arthur Waskow, Robert Tabak, Amy Eilberg, Micah Weiss, Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Laurie Zimmerman, David Teutsch, and Dr. Ilan Peleg and Oren Jay Sofer. Explore what’s possible.

Groundbreaking Jewish Conversations

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The IHRA position regards any opposition to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians or advocacy of a democratic one-state solution, or many other substantive criticisms, into being understood as antisemitism.
Narratives can be shaped and reshaped, often omitting crucial truths, particularly regarding racial issues in America.
Far from being a bleak reality, when we view ourselves as lacking free will, it actually brings about significant and desirable implications.
What is “right speech” regarding intrafaith diversity in multifaith conversation?

After 20 years of work, Jay Michaelson —scholar, rabbi, lawyer, activist, mediation teacher —has published his first book of fiction, “The Secret That Is Not a Secret: Ten Heretical Tales” (03:30). The linked short stories focus on a range of Jewish characters: Men and women, Orthodox and secular, straight and gay, Israeli and American. Yet each carries a secret desire that could be described as queer, and their stories explore the nature of heresy, queerness, kabbalah, mysticism and the sometimes-thin line between erotic desire and religious yearning. Michaelson would probably have preferred we discussed “The Secret That Is Not a Secret” for the full episode. Yet, we’re living in a post October 7 world and Michaelson, who’d stopped writing about Israel about a decade ago, felt compelled to jump back in. In the Forward and Rolling Stone, he’s written about the ethics of war, the charged nature of the term genocide, the debate about campus antisemitism and the fates of the two Ivy League presidents forced to resign after public uproar. We delve into some of these op-eds (31:40) and discuss how’s he taken care of himself during one of the most emotionally trying times of his life.

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